Progress Report: Hall Bedroom Door. Or: Aw Man, I'm a Bozo.

Righty-o folks, the hall bedroom door is in progress!  Indeed it is.  Yay!

While I decide on how to finish the door itself, door pulls, ya know, stuff and junk, and try try try to stop my brain from optioning and just pick finishes, I can work on the door frame.

First order of business?  Removing the existing door.

Hey look, it's a door!
And man, that was fun.  No, like for real -- it gave me instantaneous results in the room, how this is all going to pan out in the end.  And it was awesome!  All that additional free space!

Hey look, the door is gone!  Hey, there's the track hardware, there on the bed.  Ahem.
Well.  Relatively speaking, anyway.

It was rather surprising how heavy the door was once I removed it and carted it across the room.  No wonder I jump five miles in the air every time one of them slams in the breeze.  Bam!  Ahhhhh!  I wish I could make those h's all how-I-end-up-feeling melty.

There's no need for the stop within the jamb any longer so ok, I pried that off.

Can't find our lil' pry bar.  For like four years now.  :(
I discovered this while down on the floor:

Ah.  Gap.  Charming.  Hmph.
Wow, right?  I mean.  Whoever did that should be soooo proud of their, ahem, um, craftsmanship there.


How does someone do that, think that's satisfactory work and walk away?  *Shake my head.*

Off came the door catch hardware and downstairs I went for my chisel to scrape raised paint edges and the Durham's Water Putty* to patch the hinge cut outs, nail holes, and because I accidentally over-mixed, the door catch too.

Time to patchy patchy!
So, ok, a pause in the action as stuff dries.  No going back now, time to open up the track hardware, take a look at those instructions because as we know, instructions good!  Ok, all right, outta the package, now, ok, lemme just uh, flip this over here and uh...


What was....


Clink  clink  clink  clink clink clink clink clink clink clink clink...

Omg.  I am SUCH an idiot.


So much for not spewing forth a chorus of curse words.

Thank goodness Finn boy had left the room just prior, whew.  Amazingly?  I didn't cry.  I stared, I analyzed, sighed, then forlornly stepped out to grab my work gloves and the vacuum.

Sigh.  Sh*t.  What a bozo move.  I couldn't believe I had done that.  Aw man.  Was I so sad.  So sad.  And kicking myself.  Ugh.

I checked Menards' website to see if by any strange, wildly bizarre chance they had any left since it's on clearance now.  The stock could not be any lower:  one.

One left.  !!!!!

Worse?  Their online in-stock counts are always 99.99999999% wrong.  So needless to say I was panicked.  And walking in circles for about an hour.

Then the phone rings.  It's Mike.  Calling to say hi.  He hadn't seen my super sad text with the photo of the broken light fixture.  He did say he felt a tremor in the force, felt the inexplicable need to call me, that he sensed something was awry.  I guess nearly ten years together will do that to ya.  Anyway....

"What's wrong babe?" he said.

"The light...I'm a bozo.  I broke it."

He felt terrible, was consoling and said go run right out and get the (alleged) last one at the store.

"It's ok babe, accidents happen.  And hey, if they don't have it, it gives you a chance to pick something new."  Someone's been reading my blog.  He's right though.  Hey, I guess indirectly that makes me right too!  ;)

But guess what?

They had it.  The last one.  I was shocked.  Shocked.  .00000001%!  I about passed out.

But guess what?  It was the display model, and it was hanging up.  And they couldn't get the screws off the base to remove their hanging bracket.  They didn't want me to take the fixture with their bracket still attached.

In a withering voice I said, "can I take it anyway, get the bracket off and return that part to you?"  I received a skeptical stare back but the guy saw my pathetically pleading sad eyes and relented.

So now I gotta figure out how to get their bracket thingie off which may or may not be difficult, then hang this new fixture up.

First I have to muster up the bravery to get the fixture out of the car, after which time I'll share a photo of the bracket situation.  I'm all rattled nervous about breaking more things that I can't even touch the fixture!

But how glad am I that I had already written about the trials and tribulations I went through to get this fixture up in the first place?

You have no idea.  Thank holy all get out goodness I started this darn blog.  Who knew it'd turn into such a handy reference tool for when I am such a tool?!

Ah, Murphy's Law, my BFF, my arch-nemesis evil shadow, my middle name.  I shall and will overcome though.  Rawr!


Planning of the Hall Bedroom Door Project.

Oh yeah people, it is on.  That's right, I ain't a-lyin' no more.  It's On.

So here's the scoop.  The hall bedroom, the room with the swanky photo wall mural, the tiny 7'-10" x 12' or so -ish room, is getting a sliding barn type-ish door.

Why?, you ask.

Because 7'-10".  That's a narrow room.  If we turned the bed so it sat perpendicular to the wall mural, there's barely about a foot of space at the end of the bed to traverse to the other side.  That, nope, not gonna work.

Hey, record cabinet, nice!  Huh, what's with the closet doors all wonky?!  Ugh.
As such, the bed is crammed into a corner of the room on the short wall by the door.  With the door open, there's about, oh, three inches for a bedside table.  I haven't seen any bedside tables three inches wide, have you?  Yeah, me neither.

Damn, wish it was this bright in there.  Behold the power of photo editors!  
The swinging door, even though it's only a 2'-6"-er, arguably takes up too much floor space when open.  Mike and I agreed that ditching the door would allow us to at least skooch the bed out of the corner, maybe give us space to put in a (albeit) small bedside table.  I'm now almost thinking a floating shelf between the bed and the wall, at bed level or slightly below.  In a similar vein as a sofa table, ya know?

Sure, this is merely a guest room but I'd prefer if guests weren't totally and completely uncomfortable.  Otherwise that's mean, right?  It'll never be perfect, this room, but if I have the ability to make it as functional as I can, I surely must try.


A pocket door was my first choice but as you'll see in a photo below, too much electrical in the wall there.  Sliding door it is!

So planning the door, yes, right.

So, the dealio with larger projects is yes, planning is a must.  I know, I know.  I tend to blindly plow in head first (looking at you, DIY library rug), and generally that can be ok, sometimes, here and there, once in a while.  (Looking at you kitchen faucet)

I think the method to that madness might be so I avoid getting frozen up by thoughts of options.  That's the problem I have when designing -- I get caught up in the there-are-oh-so-many-options roundabout:  "what about this!," or "oooh, what about that!," or "even this too!," or, "shiny!," or or or or or....!!  Squirrel!

But when it comes to something like a door, removing one and adding a new system:  measure twice, cut once.

Actually, measure multitudes of times, cut once.  Or in my case, per usual, measure a million times, cut more than once, but that's neither here nor there.  I am bound and determined to measure twice, seriously only cut once this time.  Not all circumstances can be accounted for, sure, but I'mma gonna try my darnedest.

I approached this first by researching online, sliding doors.  As many as there are people, there are sliding door options it seems.  It can be an expensive venture, for sure.  Me?  I try to be as thrifty while achieving maximum effect as possible.

So I researched, saw a bazillion ideas, then thought about how I want this specific door to function.

Key points I noted, and though I could have written them down I've always been an in-my-head list keeper, unless the list is large, then it goes on paper.  I am seriously weird about lists.  Wow, ok, very tangent-y I am today.  Right, key points:
  • ease of use -- it should slide back and forth easily every single time with minimal effort
  • nothing on the floor -- don't wanna damage the wood floors with casters rolling back and forth
  • silence -- in case a guest goes to bed or rises at different times than us, the door should make as little noise as possible thereby also cutting down on Finn woofs as well
  • be attractive -- well yeah, duh, obviously
  • not look chintzy -- no one wants chintzy looking, right?
Next, examine the existing situation.

Hall side of the door.
And measuring.  Measuring everything.  Trim, base trim, the existing door, floor to ceiling,

Hall side base.
floor to the soffit, the gap between trim and soffit, you get the picture.

Hall side door header, with soffit for why I dunno.
Examine the door from the interior of the room.  Analyze and note everything.

Inside the room door side.  Note, light switch and outlet.
So in pondering all that, I began to think about how I want this to look, my options for making this work, how to incorporate all my key points, how to stay small budget.

I was hoping to come up with a cool faboo new, super inexpensive, inventive, monster easy way of sliding door functionality.  I tried to think about it, think about it, think some more.  Too distracted by other things, I determined, to really sit down and map this sucker out.  Plus, when we go to sell, it's important that this door system be, well, right.  Ya know?  Not that there's anything wrong with other systems I saw, not at all.  Last thing I'll need at selling time is Pete, aka Most Awesomest Realtor, rolling his eyes at me.  Maybe some other day.

I bought this door.  Yes, wider than the existing door.  On purpose.  For overhang on either side, privacy, ya know.

I bought this track system at Menards which I came across by happenstance.  It's a pretty inexpensive track system at sixty bucks but it looks decent, clean, I don't have to cobble and fuss with parts, curse a lively stream of obscenities because I lack eight hands and, well, gravity.  That's the hope anyway.  Plus, heh, it claims easy installation!

One note about this track system is that the trim at the top of the door has to go.  No worries, this trim is too traditional for my tastes anyway, nor does that venture bother me.  Truly, in a dream world, I wish I could pull it all out.  That aside...it does open a new can o' worms, ya see.  And a slew of new questions.

Plus, in the mean time, how should I finish the door?  Paint?  Stain?  More than that?  How far do I wanna go creatively with this door?!?!  Ugh, holy crap, the options are endless!  Aaaaacckkk!!  Heh. (See?!)

Lookie at that biiiig 32x80 blank canvas of a door....ooooh the options...what to do, what to do.
I have a simple idea that I'll run past Mike, but oy dear me, ugh, the options, the options, oooOoohh!.....shaking my head, shaking my fists in the air.  Right?  Right??

Handle hardware ideas?  Pffffftt, right, nowhere near that table of thought yet.

So the planning continues!  Goal?  In by the end of the week.  Keep hope alive!  Stay tuned!


The Yard Continues. Plus, Mini Project: DIY Concrete Door Stop.



I know.  I've been busy with work related things.  Which yes, helpful to the ol' wallet, not complaining.  The returning job returned which I hope is getting close to done.  Then my pal Geoff rang me up, asking for a design for a food space at NeoCon in The Merchandise Mart.  So that's monster cool.

So, um, yeah.  Haven't had much time to do much of anything except squeeze in dreams about all the things I'd like to be doing to the house.

My folks came down for Mother's Day which was super nice.  They brought me a card from Finn (and themselves) plus a lilac.  A lilac!  Awww yeah, one of my mega all time, lifelong favorites!!  Peonies make for a near tie there at the top but lilacs....Loooove 'em.  And my folks know that, so that warmed me.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!  Um, yeah, niiice weeds, huh?
Two years ago I bought a lilac at the end of the season off the discount dying plant rack at Menards. It reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in a way:  so sad, wilty, trying to hang on for that one special person.  It broke my heart so I brought it home.  I'm a sappy sucker, yes.

It was growing but Mike despised it, especially where I had put it.  He coerced me into digging it up by replacing it with the Japanese Maple we got last year.  Which, by the way, is looking fabulous.  We were fretful that it wasn't coming back this year but whooooie, suddenly it's alive and thriving!  *Insert lil' fist pump here.*

Go maple!  Go maple!  Compare it to last year (the link above), go ahead, I'll wait!
But that sad little droopy lilac is still clinging to life in a pot.  Didn't help that Finn kept playfully chomping at it over the winter, snapping off its tender twiggy arms.  Poor thing.  I am in it to win it though, heh, however silly it may seem.  It did give a small bloom this year, so there.

Poor little thing.  So sad.
But yesterday, rather Tuesday night, Mike expressed his utter exasperation for the yard, tip top front all the way back, mentioning that he should not mention that he planned to go to Menards on his day off (yesterday).  His plan was to go early enough in the morning so as to not have to bring non-early-riser me.

Too bad he woke up later than he anticipated and had to take me.  Ha ha, waahh waahhh!  ;)

We've had a long standing disagreement about weed killers.  They scare me, I don't like them, and despite intolerable, blight-on-the-landscape raging weeds everywhere, I will not purchase nor use a weed killer.  Mike feels the opposite.  We agreed to never use one while Hailey was around and I was pushing to continue that trend with Finny being here.

But.  Mike opted to postpone the deck off the garage as well as sodding the back yard as, well, funds just won't shake free.  That's ok.  It is what it is.

So.  But.  That meant he wanted to use weed killer in the back and toss down grass seed.  (The only seed we've ever had luck with is this one.)  And spray the weeds all the way up front by the newly planted free ferns and sprinkle grass seed there as well.


I had to acquiesce unfortunately.  He wore me down.  I did not go quietly nor willingly.  I annoyed the snot out of him for it.  He did try to assuage me by getting us another lilac (!!!) because, well, symmetry based on where I kinda temporarily planted the one from my parents.

Lilac two!!  Holy cow, so thrilled!!  The neighbor to the west gave me those huge green onions yesterday, just offered 'em up.  Maybe because we said we'd share our grass seed with them but still, nice of him!  We like our neighbors.
Mike also got us some chichi planters and plants for the front porch to dress it all up s'more.  Neat!

One of two new matching planters!  Fancy schmancy!
Don't panic -- Finn is absolutely not allowed in the backyard for at least a week.  Unfortunately for him.  And us.  Spazzy runner-in-crazy-circles boy that he is.

Oh, here are the ferns growing out back by the patio, by the way!

Happy dance, happy dance!  Free gorgeous ferns growing!!
Meanwhile, with the weather improving I had forgotten about the cacophony of door slamming indoors when the windows are open.  Luckily, and thankfully, we can get a nice cross breeze moving through the house, especially upstairs, but that results in lots of heart-stopping banging.

I've seen sharp DIY concrete door stops online in numerous places so I thought, eh, why not try to make a few?

So I did.  Well, one so far.

Didn't come out nearly as sharp but hopefully it will do the job in a stylish manner.


Total cost:  free for me, or again I should say pre-paid, as I already had everything.  If I ran out to buy everything solely for this project, it would run about $22.00.

I trimmed down the pint container and sprayed the inside with mould release spray for added assurance of easy removal.

Using a few leftover random pieces of pallet wood I had from the pantry floor, I boxed in the container in the hopes of keeping bulging sides from ya know, going blooorp, bulge.

Next, mix up a small batch of concrete.  Dump it in, tap the thing on the counter a few times, bang on the sides to wiggle out air bubbles.

Using a craft stick, I suspended the eye hook in the concrete until it set.

I was hoping to reuse the pint container several times as we have copious slam-happy doors but alas, no such luck; I had to peel it open.  The door stopper sat for a few days catching some air after which I strung the rope through the eye then hot glued some of the leftover rubber gasket onto the bottom.

And ta-da!

Door stop!

Speaking of doors, I swear, I'm gonna get on that door project for the hall bedroom!  I swear!  I know it seems like I'm lying now as I keep saying words and not doing action thingies but I swear!  Really!!

The rest of my day looks to be free and clear -- off to do stuff!

*The items bearing asterisks-sssszzzss are Amazon affiliate items.  Mwah, thanks!


A Record Cabinet. Or, How to Salvage Your Missteps.

So.  May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, I heard recently.


As if I wasn't already starting to feel anxious about how anxious I'll be feeling come mid-July, here's Pet Cancer Awareness Month to jumpstart the anxious.  Not the awareness part -- I feel like there's not enough attention given to pet cancers.  Or maybe there is and I hang out in the incorrect circles.

It's the Hailey part.  The reminder.  And missing her terribly.  And how stupid cancer took her way before she....  And how I don't feel I've even begun to process this whole thing.  Can't get near it with a ten foot pole.  My first Mother's Day without her.  As I glance at the card she gave me one year hanging on the wall.  Well, that my mom gave me from her.  You know what I mean.

Sweet little puppy face.  Seems like yesterday yet forever ago.  I can almost feel that wiggly 20 pound cutie in my arms.
I miss her.  Please, if you can, donate -- type "pet cancer awareness" into a search engine and a slew of sites pop up.  Or pick a rescue.  Rescues need more than just cash, like blankets, newspapers, food, office supplies.  If a donation is not in the cards please share, spread the word.  Thanks.

Ok wait, tissue.....ok.  Linking you back to the post where I mentioned the helpful grief article.

Ok.  Deep breath.  Sigh.

The record cabinet!  Right!  Man, this thing took on a life of its own.

If you remember last, I stripped the paint but did a train wreck of a job.  Pppppppllltttt.  Yuck.  

There's how it looked when I received it, with the (I think) chalk paint.  Chalk paint, milk paint, mud paint...what's next, air paint?  Eye roll.  Sorry if you're into all that gimmicky hootenanny -- I find it all, well, gimmicky hootenanny.  It's just paint.  But to each their own, please do not let my opinions discourage you.

Ugh, I wish Blogger would let me put the photos where I'd like them...Heh.  :)

Well anywhoo.  There's one of the doors on the right and the rest of the cabinet to the left post stripping.  Yikes.

Blaming being distracted.  Blaming the lame-o lighting in the basement bathroom.  Ok, so it's totally my fault.  I do have that second cabinet to try again.

I took a look at the whole mess again yesterday, determined to clean this puppy up and put it to the use I had been planning.  Which is to be a pseudo-dresser for the hall bedroom.  Currently guests only have the floor or window sill to rest anything on which, yeah, is not terribly accommodating.

I gave the whole thing a sanding in lieu of whipping out the stripper one last time.  Oy dear me, tacky sentence, forgive me.  So the sanding, while not the most optimal problem solver, did solve enough problem spots enough allowing me to move on.

The cabinet does lack perfection.  I must get over it.

The big step was deciding on how to refinish the darn thing.  I looked up at my lingering can of Watco Danish Oil.  Head tilt left.  Next to it, Restor-a-Finish.  Head tilt right.  Pause.  Pause pause.

Fumes had not even overtaken my brain and yet it shot off into left field.  What if....(two words that are guaranteed to make Mike panic)...with the grooved front, I make it groovy?  Down came both cans.  Every other "slat" on the doors got the Watco, the RaF went on the remaining ones.

True panic ensued after solely applying the Watco oil as the contrast was, well, substantial, I must say.  A few deep breaths later, a smudge of the RaF and whew....ok.  Whew.

I opted to continue the general theme and applied Watco to the top and top edges, the RaF on the sides.  But guess what?  Despite two coats of the Watco, the second quite heavy, I can't decipher between the two.  Ah well, so it is, heh!

Huh.  No diff.  Weird, right?
After goofing around with the cabinet, I returned to the doors and noticed that the grooves were quite bright.  Filing through my brain catalogue of furniture history, I distinctly remember these grooves typically being dark.

Knowing I couldn't use a thinned acrylic paint as oil and water don't play together, I became a mix master wizard, combining a splop of black oil paint and the RaF.  Is it advised?  No idea.  I reread the can and received no indication that this maneuver was good nor bad, so I went with it.  And eh, whaddya know, it worked!  Mmmk!

Colors look a little greeny-yellowy in this photo, sorry.  I tried to fix it.
With a throw away mini plastic brush, one hand to steady the other, and a mistake-wiper-upper rag, little lines of black paint were again a success.  Ah, the magic of theater will always be with me.

Ok, hopped back to the cabinet.  Yes, in actuality I was rubber banding back and forth.  Maybe not literally.  But, ok, so, right.

The inside was a disaster due to my prior stripping carelessness, and as the back of the doors were, um, quite, um, ruined, I had more decisions to make.

Why not....(the other two word combo that raises Mike's hackles)....ok, going far afield now....paint the interior but cover the door insides with fabric.  Ok, well, then why not cover the shelf in fabric too?

And there we have it folks, shooting off my rocker I went.

I dug out this green velvet-y fabric that I had used eons ago to recover a free-to-me couch.  Hey, why not?!  It's got subtle stripes thereby coordinates with the front, ok, cool, let's do it!

Rustled up the can of FastPrime, gooped up the inside, yanked out the (I have now determined crappy) white satin paint, slathered that on.

Super 77 spray mount carefully coated the doors, then an attempt at smoothing on the fabric precisely straight, then a too-small rotary trimmer removed the excess, and it was time to reattach the doors.  Spray mount at close range on the shelf to contain overspray, smear smear smear of fabric, rotary trimmer to tidy and bam --

-- heh, it's a beaut!  Or it's somethin'.

Finn is very helpful, as you can see.

A coating of the Howard Feed-n-Wax will go on when everything is completely dry.

This photo makes me want to repaint this room like right this minute.
Definitely different!  The cabinet sits opposite the wall mural.  Wish I could get a good shot encompassing it all for you but alas, I am unable to get it, sorry.

Yes, I took pictures of this cabinet in three different rooms trying to find good light.
And yes, I was standing in the closet to get this photo for you, how tiny narrow this room is.  That's the pallet wood clock, randomly floating over the bed, by the way.
The outsides of the doors, as it turns out, are my favorite part.

So what's on tap?  Lots o' cleaning as the 'rents on both sides will be through at various points over the weekend.  Several sewing projects ahead -- outdoor chair cushions as weather is rapidly improving, a nephew birthday present, hopefully an enormous curtain.

Other than that, I'm trying to get my game plan on for the hall bedroom door replacement.  It is time for a bigger project.  Overdue, actually.  So let's get on it.  You'll have to stay tuned.

Finn, my ever-goofy constant companion, says hi by the way:


"Where ARE you?!" So it's a Mini Variety Pack Day!

Oy, goodness me, I....blblblblblblbllluurrrPP.  That's that head shake, that one where your whole face flops around like "whaaaaa??!", yeah that one.

I was expecting only minor revisions to the returning job but nope, tons o' revisions and then a Heap o' additional stuff.  Whooie!  So that's where I've been.  Lost in a sea of redlines. (<----that's actually pretty funny, the link.)

But today!  Glorious today, I have FREE!  Free to be me and house-ish!  Together again, at last, at last, ahhhh!  Well, I mean, I never left considering I work from home, but I mean, you know, ....Ok, clearly I've been sitting at a computer far too long.

So what have I done so far today?  A few things, off of a different list that I keep on my phone.  Heh.

Why I can't coordinate lists between the big overall one and the small random one, I dunno.  I think the small random phone one is more of a reminder list, wee lil' itty bitty slip-through-the-cracks-if-I-don't-write-it-down-immediately-when-I-see-it kinds of thingies.

Although, replacing the torn security/storm door screens may not necessarily qualify as an easily forgotten item, it was on the phone list.

When I had a free moment earlier in the week while awaiting information, I took a sublime, albeit brief and limited budget, Menards break.  That's when I picked up a 36x84 roll of "extra strength" screen, the little rubbery cording stuff, and that rolly screen tool.  " " as I have doubts about extra strength, heh.

I tend to avoid buying single purpose tools as, well, yeah, they serve only a single purpose then lie around, taking up valuable real estate.  But oooh ok, I'm glad I got this one as it made the job super easy, struggle-free, and fast.  Plus, since Finn already shredded the front screen so early in the season, it's pretty safe to assume I'll be using this tool again some day.  If you suspect this a one time gig for you, ask around, see if you can just borrow one.

It really is an unbelievably simple task that anyone can do.  Trust me, I shall not lead you astray.  Remove sad old floppy screen material and cording that holds it in.

Lookie at those patio pavers, made it through the winter!  Woo hoo!
Unravel the new screen over the frame leaving extra overhanging all edges.  Whip out that rubbery cording stuff, your swanky rolly tool, wedge the beginning of the cord into the frame channel,

roll with the thingie tool cramming in the cording, zip zip, zip zip zip done.  Trim the excess...

...get final approval and bam!  In less than five minutes, it's a brand new, rip-free screen!  No joke on the under five minute thing either.  It was such a quick job...

...I start looking around (danger!) the backyard and quickly re-began the woe-is-me'ing over the "concrete" at the back.

That little nubby near the top right in the mud?  A fern!  Grow baby, grow already!
Oh yes.  I was mighty tempted to start yanking it out, even nudging at spots with my toes here and there.  But.  I resisted.  Grrr.  Something would need to go in same day as removal.  Today would not be that day, alas and sigh.

Finn-related mud splatters all over the door and siding.  Neat.  Embarrassed.
So back indoors we went as I was fresh out of ways to stay outdoors.  Next on the list?

Niiiiice dresser!  Heh, there's the wood block lamp too!
Now.  You may or may not think me utterly nutso for this one but ya know how when something little just nags at you?  Kinda like the trim moulding in the kitchen....but here in the bedroom I go to bed and wake up every day looking at that return vent cover on the ceiling.

What's the big deal, you ask?  When we had a guy out with his duct camera to see if we could figure out what the dealio is/was with the lack of air coming through our second floor vents, he suggested cleaning them.  Um, ok, all right, we said.  He took that vent cover off and turned it around to the way you see above.

I see up into the return vent.  Drives me batty.  Bat-teeee.

Ok, you think I'm crazy now, yeah?

I finally turned it back around to the way it was before.  Ahhh.  I am not gonna lie, I feel Soooo much better.  I even lounged there for a few moments, admiring the duct-free view.   Ahhh!!

That's when I looked at my phone list and realized, heh, more than one list, what a dork, but hey, I checked two things off.  And erased a previously-finished third item that I hadn't yet removed -- three things total.  So, nice!!  Yeah!!  Rah!

Lookie how that dog vomit yellow in the stair just glows and glows and a-glows.  *gag*  We gotta pick a color soon or I may lose my mind.  Mike.  That's when I got up and moved onto the dining room crack.

I was hoping to get that all wrapped up today with the Goodbye Crack spray (repeat link, sorry) and stuff and junk but after sanding it I realized it needed another coat of joint compound.  So, second coat is currently drying.

Earlier in the week I did have another waiting-for-information time gap so I stripped one of those record cabinets (repeat link again??  Sorry!).  Didn't turn out so well.   The insides are inadvertently a mess.  I was too sloppy.

No doubt I was highly distracted mentally by the returning job so focus was lacking.  I dropped a door on my toes, so, yeah.  There were not enough curse words in the world to string together at peak volume when that happened.  Ouch.  (Sorry Mom.)

Painful to drop on toes.  Poorly stripped.  Head hangs low.
I'll revisit this thing next week....

There was paint on the handles so I did a quickie search online to find out a way to remove it.  Paint stripper is too caustic, scrapping would beget scratches....I went with this method of boiling them with a dash of baking soda as the other top listed search suggestions required a slow cooker.  No slow cooker here.  Plus this was a 15-20 minute gig rather than hours and hours.

It did get the paint off quick but it also pulled a layer of patina'ed finish as well.  No idea if the finish was original or not but since I did such a crappy job of stripping, I'm not terribly concerned.  So, I dunno, try it at your own risk?

The handles look pretty nice, despite this piss-poor photo.  Nicer than the rest of the cabinet at the moment anyway.  Ahem.

So that's where things are at around these parts.  Nothing major.  Nice to see you though!

Oh, last minute one evening I realized we had zero for dessert, aka Crime Against Humanity.  This cake is good, fast, easy, feeds a crowd, doesn't really even need frosting.  Baking time is more like 40-45 minutes, fyi.  I mixed it and popped it in the oven as Mike was commuting home, it baked while we ate dinner.  Score.  Try it.  You'll like it.

I'm going to wish for a whole slew of revisions and additions this time around on that returning job and maybe I'll get the opposite.  ;)  I'm sure they'll be sending it back for one or two things but, fingers crossed!

Mike has the whole entire weekend off, two whole wonderful days in a row which, I seriously can't even remember the last time that's happened so I'm excited.  Yay Mike time!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!