Rules and Compromises.

I've been thinking about those two things quite often lately.  Clearly rules, yes, as I keep mentioning them in one format or another, or another, or yet another.  But compromises, I have yet to cover ground on.

Last Saturday night Mike and I were hanging out on our spiffy patio with our rusting, on its last legs fire pit, relaxing and chatting.  One of my favorite things to do.  Usually Hailey would lay nearby in the grass, er, weeds sniffing the air, reveling in the extended outdoor time.  On occasion she would walk between us and the fire, attempting to burn her tail fur or her butt by getting too close.  I think she just liked to have us "save" her from the fire.  Sigh.  I sure do miss her.

I had ordered this funny little toilet paper/magazine holder thingamagig for the first floor bathroom, which I thought was hilarious and weird, quirky and unusual.  Personality-riddled.  Mike was not in the right frame of mind when he came home on Saturday and saw it so he didn't find it as fun, weird, and silly as I do.  And in actuality, he still really doesn't.  But, I think he's trying to give me the benefit of the doubt on this one.

InterDesign Classico Wall Mount Magazine & Tissue Holder* from Amazon.  Please don't yell at me about Amazon.
Yeah, it's odd and it may not make a lot of sense right now but once all the bad tile is gone, the walls repainted, some quirky reading material gets in the basket, we get that room all figured out, it'll make more sense to him.  That's my hope anyway.

I dig it.  Like I said, I think it's weird and fun, and I had never seen something like it before.  Plus it holds two rolls of toilet paper!  And!  It's easy to replace the toilet paper roll!  Right?  Right?  Ahem.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

So we were sitting and talking around the fire when we get to talking about the house.  As I mentioned last time here, I've been stockpiling goodies for future projects, a couple a' which, well, yeah, cough, ya know, I had not mentioned to Mike yet.  Ya know, heh.  Whooooop's.

It's not that I'm afraid to.  Not it at all.  We're a lucky pair, in all honesty.  He's willing to let me take chances (within [his {which is fair}] reason), try stuff out.  He has lots of patience for my weirdness, like say, my choice in strange toilet paper holders. When I ask his opinion on things he likes to say, "well babe, you are the designer here, go ahead."  Of course I want to include him as this is his house too.  Plus he does have a great sense of design.  But, simply?   We have an excellent collaboration going on.  We're very fortunate.

Compromise is a tough thing, whether you're making decisions with your spouse, your partner, a roommate, a friend, a client, anybody really.  By definition, both parties aren't going to get all they want which is why people don't like compromising.  You have to figure out what you can and cannot do without, but be flexible, not absolute, and see the bigger picture.

I certainly do not have all the mystical magical answers on how to compromise with people on design.  Here's what we do:

I'll present an option to Mike, he'll hate it or love it, or if I catch him in the right moment, he'll offer a counter option.  We discuss the benefits of each, the detriments of each, why we like our presented options, what we like or don't like about the others' ideas, how the options do or do not work toward our common goal, we listen, we weigh, we furrow brows.

If we haven't come to an agreement by this point and henceforth are at a stand off, there's a pause, another pause, shifting in seats:  pick your battles turning point.  We concede to who has the more impassioned plea.  Sometimes I prevail, sometimes Mike does, sometimes neither snags victory but we then agree to keep searching.  There are never any hard feelings.  If his choice not to my taste, I find a way to work with it because ultimately, someone I love loves whatever that thing is.  And it's just things, really.  Mike is far more important to me than any thing.

But, see, by its very nature, design is fluid so one day you may be wildly bonkers about that who's-a-what's-it and by next week?  Who knows?  You may decide meh, toss it.  Getting upset or finite about design elements is to be impractically spinning one's wheels.  Besides, the best design ultimately comes from working together.

So I show him something I purchased, feeling brave but nervous as I knew he would not be convinced by whatever reasonable nor wackadoo explanation I came up with that it's The Greatest Idea for a particular room.  I'm paddling up sh*t's creek to explain my logic behind the idea, why it will work within the context of design "rules"......

He went through our whole compromise process on his own in a millisecond, picked his battle and conceded.  But, not without mild protestation.

Quietly and subtly, almost unnoticeably, the eyes roll a bit, a sigh, a "whatever babe, it's your house," and a head shake with a "I don't get it" later he comes up with the quote of the year:  "designers, man," he says, "they make up 'the rules' just to justify their crazy decisions."  Heh, he's really not all that far off, and I mean that in the most respectful way.  Us designers, we are crazy, but it's all for good, all for betterment, positive change, to keep design moving forward.  "Crap," he says to me next, "that's totally going to end up in the blog now, isn't it?"  Yep, I said.

Patiently awaiting a fire to be lit on an evening back in May.

*The Amazon link is an affiliate link.  mwah, thanks!


Making new lists. But first, upcoming master bath vanity....

Lemme tell ya, I am getting excited.  Ex. Cite. Ed.  Making a new list.  I am stockpiling, hoarding goodies for lots and lots and lots of projects.  Most likely not enough goodies, I'm sure, of course, duh.  But!  I'm still working on Sirens until sometime next month so there's plenty 'o time left to keep on a-shoppin' and a-stockin'.

As such, I'm fired up to share these oodles of projects with you too.  I know two in particular will be quite instructional and handy.  Tease.  Tease, tease, tease.

Big on the dancing around in happy circles is news of the master bathroom vanity.  Finally.  Finally!!  OooOOoooh, I cannot tell you how impatient and all a-wiggle I am for that one.  I've only had a drawing done for, oh, a year.  A year plus.  Mmm hm.  And have had the new sink sitting in a box just waiting, waiting, pining....for oh, about the same amount of time.  No wait, longer.  Wow.  Poor poor sink.

First, ladies and gentlemen, The Atrocity.  The Ultimate in Bad Vanities.  The Worst Vanity for a bathroom ever.

Yep.  Here it is, in all its glory.  I promised a while back that I'd share photos and hadn't gotten around to it, so here it is.  Oy, ugh, dear me.  These photos are from about a week before we moved in.  Look at that, three different tiles that don't blend well together and that looovvvely peachy weird paint....

The vanity.  Who.....??   *shake my head.*

It's rickety, all the shelves are loose, the sink lolls about and leaks, stuff falls through the chrome "shelf" all the time, everything we have in there is out in the open and gets dusty, the entirety of this thing is a major eyesore, but worst of all.....glass.  Glass counter.  Glass sink.  It is impossible to keep it clean.  Imm-possible.  It is THE most impractical vanity for a bathroom, especially a high use one like a master, ever.  The flipper must've gotten it at a massive discount, or maybe it "fell off a truck," otherwise I have no idea why....why.  Well, someone on Craigslist will when I sell it.....


The thing is awful.  And it makes me nuts.

Now.  I had every intention in the world of building my own based on my drawing.

Still deciding on what legs to get for it.  Hairpin, chrome, antique, straight, angled, black pipe fittings?  Not sure.

Buuut, when the opportunity arose to have the guys over in the show's construction department build it for me instead, well, ya know, I couldn't quite turn that down now could I?

So yes, I wussed out.  I will readily admit I'm not a great carpenter, to be honest.  I know I could have built this with lots of time and patience and many many trips back to the store for more wood.

But, seriously.  Carpenters.  With appropriate tools.  Who build stuff daily.  You really can't blame me, right?  Right?  Sure, I let myself down a bit, not giving myself the opportunity to grow and learn and experience and use more bandages, but ....I think you get it.  Carpenters.

Faucet was purchased via eBay over the weekend.  Stain was selected, purchased, and delivered to the construction guys.  All that's left to decide are the legs.  Which, sigh, I should have shopped for first as now I'm caught trying to locate 5" legs.  Not a terribly standard size.  Always....I'm good at finding myself in these corners.

On my docket, though, will be making the concrete countertop for the new vanity.  And attaching the legs and assembling all the pieces and parts and plumbing into the bathroom.  Then standing back, sighing, smiling, enjoying, and jumping for joy.  Literally.  I will literally be hopping around for joy.

In the mean time I'm trying to figure out what to do about the roof guy which also ties into the flipper, or it may as well since our second floor ductwork is a train wreck that should never have passed city inspection.  Plus I'm not 100% positive our roof was replaced as agreed upon during contract negotiations, a portion of which we paid for.  It looks the same as the original and it still leaks like the original which was the whole point of putting on a new one to begin with.

I connected dots and realized the only time the roof guy answers the phone is if someone calls from a phone number he doesn't recognize, so I called him from the office last week.  He answered.  ?!!!  He pretended like he didn't know what I was talking about but said he'd be out Saturday, last Saturday, between 2-4 pm.

So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And guess what?  He was a no-show.  Shocker.

My last message to him that morning was that if he didn't show, we are going to sue him.  He's had over a year and many opportunities to make this right.  So now I have to figure it out.  And find an appropriate (preferably wallet-friendly [yeah right]) attorney.  It could potentially be a big waste of time, money, and effort because even if we win, and we would, getting anything out of these people monetarily to fix things on our own would likely be near impossible.  Almost as impossible as keeping that dumb glass vanity clean.  Sooooo.....Decisions, decisions.


Soap dish and paint and patch and and and....


Hey guys!  What's up?

I know, I haven't been here in a while.  Things have been busy at work, Sirens season two.  (Oh, and there's a new trailer out for Jupiter Ascending that I worked on last summer, cool!)

As such with the busy-ness, by the time the weekend rolls around, you know, that time better known as time-to-catch-up-on-cleaning-the-house-doing-the-laundry-going-to-the-grocery-store-running-errands-catching-up-on-mail-and-emails-and-bills-from-the-week-etc.-etc.-etc.-oh-and-etc., there's just not a lot of time left to check things off my ever-expanding list around the house.

That doesn't mean the hamster wheels aren't turning, nor that I can't get anything done at all.  Things have to be quicker, smaller projects that fit within a limited time frame is all.

It had been two whole weeks since I had been to Menards.  The shakes were bad I tell ya, the cold sweats intolerable, the agitation building -- the withdrawal is always arduous.  So I went on Saturday.

The fine folks working there were all so friendly and helpful.  They typically are anyway but for some reason they seemed conspicuously more so.

Probably because THIS!  To make up for THIS!

Back side of Christmas display.  I couldn't bring myself to look at it full on.
Seriously, come on!  It's September, guys!  Stop it!  Sheesh.  Really.

Despite the horror show, it was a productive excursion.

I picked up some sand mix concrete, on the advice of the friendly employee in that particular department.  At least he didn't laugh at me too loudly on the outside when I said I was making a soap dish.

The concrete purchase was two-fold though:  soap dish and patching a long crack I discovered out front the other day.  'Tis almost the season, as Menards ever-so-kindly points out, of snow and ice and I didn't want any of that messing about in our foundation.

Ultimately I'd love to take out that concrete because as you can see, one chunk really really settled.  But, our cool woodworking friend Scott suggested building an extended porch over it, so, it would be hidden, so that's on the brain.

Mix-y mix-y, I made another soap dish attempt,

then patched up the crack out front.

One of my better patching jobs, if I do say so myself.  Insert applause.  A few congratulatory back pats there, thank you.

I also got the crazy hole we made in the wall for the sound bar during our wildly successful wire hiding adventure sorta kinda plugged up.

Well.  At least cold air won't come racing through nor will the hole be sucking all our heat out, considering there's no insulation in this wall either.

Menards had an itty foam pipe wrap elbow, so I tore it in half, wrapped the wires and pushed it into the hole.  It's not a Super Official Problem Solved kind of solution, but it works for now and for less than two dollars.

Foam pipe wrap elbow, missing it's 90 degree arm, poor thing.  :(
I also painted a wall in our master bedroom.  I know, you're thinking, what?!  You just up and painted a wall?  I know.  For many folks painting is an event; I completely understand.  For me though, I've been painting things pretty well all my life, plus painted my fair share of theatrical scenery, plus many many Many a room so painting is like breathing to me.  I just do it.

The darker blue is Granite Falls, a smokier, chalkier, grayer blue.  Great color; due justice not done by the photo.
So much so that now Mike finds it decidedly commonplace that I randomly paint things unannounced.  He didn't notice this when he got home.  Not even the paint smell.  Seriously.  I stared at him funny for a good while standing in the room together then eventually had to point it out.

It's amazing what "normal" is sometimes, huh?  ;)

But the plan for the master bedroom is starting to gel in my head which is excellent, hence the newly painted wall.  Once I sort a few ideas through the mental sifter and whittle it down, I'll next get anxious and squirrelly to get it complete, or mostly so, or the three major elements in my head anyway.

Oh but right, that soap dish.

Not the best end result but I learned from it.  Now realize I need to hunker down and make an actual for real true mould out of silicone to get what I want.  The sand mix concrete was definitely the way to go.  I'll still seal this up, put some felt on the bottom and make use of it though.

And lastly, in case you're wondering, no, I'm not doing all that well about Hailey.  Pete the Sweeper (that link has the very last photo I took of her, as it turns out) came by while I was in the front yard and he asked about her, not knowing.  The look on his face when I told him, I can't even describe it.  So that was difficult.  Then again, anything and everything sets off my eruptive water works at any given moment.  I'm finding laundry and vacuuming are the.absolute.worst.things.ever.  Each wash, each dry, each pass of the vacuum is less and less fur on our clothes, our blankets, the furniture, less fur in the house.  It's unmerciful.  It's the pits.  I'm a wreck.  I feel terrible.  All the time.

I recently saw this about grieving, how to help people you know.  I found it notable and meaningful.

So, anyway, that's where things are at these days.  Sorry to drop out on a sad note.  I'll keep you posted should I get more projects going.  Thanks for coming by!


DIY soap dish results. Plus stocking up.

Right, so then this happened.

Yeah, heh.  Rats!

On Sunday, I popped the little bugger out of the form, flipped it over to look at it, then flipped it back when sploosh.  It shattered into a slew of pieces, just fell apart in my hand.  Ooop's.  Ah well.

Thankfully I had a tiny smidge of the vinyl concrete patch left so I poured another one.  This time, ah ha, I let it sit in the form until last night, Wednesday.  But, after popping it out I'm thinking I need to use real concrete, not patch.  This stuff doesn't seem to be sturdy or strong enough for a delicate operation such as a thin soap dish pour, despite what the packaging says about higher strength.

Why?  Because, and even though the second one is not completely set and hardened yet, a chunk cracked off super easily.

Though, and most likely, it could be that my ratio of mix to water was bad since I had so little mix left.  Too much water.

But, I do think the whole thing, generally blanket-ly speaking, is pretty successful in a learning-experiment-for-future-pours kind of way.  The first one, before it decided to return to its original powder state, was way better.  The brim edge was much smoother and more even.  It looked really good; even Mike was impressed.

Again, it is handmade and terribly imperfect, adding to the cool factor.  Right?  Sure.  Or, as I said last time, if it's too imperfect, try harder.

So, I'll head back to Menards (aw too bad, so sad....), pick up a different concrete mix, then try harder.  One of the zip ties dislodged but after a good clean up of all the parts, I should be able to reattach it just fine.

I did find something interesting on the Menards website while perusing concrete options:  concrete counter mix.  Cool.  I'll have to give it the once over as a concrete counter is what I want for the master bathroom vanity that I have all drawn up.  Someday.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  It's intimidating, thinking about building that vanity as a person who lacks good carpentry skills.  But it reaaalllllyyy needs to be done.  And there's this.  Plus I mean, c'mon, there's this!  No, I didn't pay that much.  Please.

In the mean time.....

I've been slowly stocking up on materials for future projects, fun fun!  Aw yeah, a little internet shopping retail therapy, *fist pump.*  Never as fun as shopping in person, but sometimes having the delivery driver just bring it to me is ah, sigh, way nicer than battling Chicago traffic on a Saturday.

I purchased a very large remnant of fabric from Chicago Canvas & Supply, a local theatrical fabric supplier, for a very large curtain project I have had steeping in my brain for the master bedroom.  Heh:  theatrical fabric remnant  normal fabric store remnant.  Like, at all.  +!

If you look on the right side of the eye-searing photo in this older post, if you can stand to look without gagging, you'll see one of the two deep-silled windows we have in the room.  If the end product results according to the vague notion in my head, it should be stupid neat, silly dramatic.  I still have some figuring and planning and scheming to do though.

Also interwebs purchased:  new cushions and fabric for our outdoor chairs.  The ones that came with the chairs got ridiculously moldy disgusting in oh, two days.

I couldn't decide between this fabric and this fabric, both on batty sale, so I got them both.  The patterns, wow, massively larger in person than as depicted in the sample images on screen.  Lesson here!  Get a swatch first.  I still like them regardless, but resist the urge to purchase a large quantity of fabric online without seeing and touching it first, unless you absolutely up and down back and forth know what it is.  (Yes, I had a swatch of the Chicago Canvas fabric.)

Along with the fabric and cushions order, I got some floral stems to make a version of these little pom pom guys to go in vases my dad bought for me at Habitat (damn cool store) when we were all in London together about ten or so years ago.

Yarn was purchased for the DIY library rug but when I was floating through the Joann Fabrics website yesterday, I came across a better deal and quite possibly a more interesting yarn.  I'll have to see in person though.  Which is probably the only way one should ever shop for yarn, in person.

Since I got that spiffy miter saw, I can start planning and making the headboard for our bedroom.  I need to talk to Mike, see how big he was envisioning it, compare our ideas, then math and plan.  Then chopity chop!  Yay!

A new Floor & Decor store opened up in a much much more convenient location, so I'll be swinging by there sometime soon to stock up on a bit more tile for the master bathroom since the plan changed (repeat link).  Mike and his (good) ideas.... Hopefully I won't go nuts and buy more tile that matches the future first floor bathroom floor for the whole kitchen.......because this tile would totally go with our wood floor.....and make the transition between rooms sooo much less visually jarring.  Especially once the cabinets are painted.  Or ripped out and redone.....

Or....maybe I'll exchange the main floor tile stuff and get more master bath stuff for the main bath too because I like it better.  It would look better with the vanity I assembled.  Though the vanity base might disappear against it.  Hmmm.....Decisions decisions.

What I really really need to do is pick a stairway paint and figure out how to get that done.  That's driving me nutso, cuckoo, berserk.  But it's a sizeable project due to the double height walls, inaccessible-by-hand areas, and well, the steps themselves.

Oy I am sooo getting ahead of myself!  Jeez louise, calm down Becky.

Ahem.  Ok.  Anyway.


I thought I stocked up in a minor abundance but in having typed this all out, I clearly need to keep a-shoppin'.  Ah poor me, alas, more shopping.  Sorry Mike, xoxo!


A DIY Concrete Soap Dish. Maybe.

Yeah.  I'm weird.  A little strange.  Not terribly normal.  If you've been following me along, you've probably got that figured out pretty well by now.

Why can't I just go out and buy a soap dish like a regular person?  Right?

I'll shop online for hours and hours and hours and not find the right thing.  Or, if I do, it's too expensive because I have horribly expensive taste.  Or it's close but juuuust not quite right, missing one or two key elements.

Like soap dishes.  I found a few that I liked after several sites and many hours, I did.  But, surprise, too expensive.  (Who really spends $100 on a freakin' soap dish?)  Or, a few key elements were not present.

I was poking around Etsy the other day which after hearing about the policy changes over there, I'm not super keen on shopping that site anymore.  I was looking for creative soap dish ideas and came across a few very neat concrete ones.

Heeey, I could try that!, I thought.  I did make that DIY concrete knob thingie a bit ago, how different of a process could it be?

It wasn't really.  I did have a lot of figuring and scrounging around the house to do for pieces and parts, but it wasn't all that different.

Here's what I've used so far (I say so far as the project isn't complete yet.):

  • paper half and half container, waxed interior
  • vinyl patch concrete
  • protective cell phone case packaging
  • zip ties
  • duct tape
  • hot glue
  • mould release spray
  • miscellaneous sundry extra stuff like cups, stirrer, etc., you know

See, the thing, the trick, about making moulds is thinking in reverse.  It hurts occasionally but it's good for the ol' brain.

First house-foraging turned up the packaging for Mike's new cell phone case.  Whoa, holy crap, it had a plastic tray in there that struck me as perfect for the top part of the mould.  Surprise!  Bingo!  Everything was built around that.

Yeah, hard to see since it's clear, sorry.
Next up was cutting up the half and half container.

As a kid, I fashioned sooooo many little paper boxes, folding, cutting, and taping as paper, markers, tape, and crayons were my toys of choice.  Ask my mom, I was a little paper box making factory.  So this wasn't a stretch, and it's not hard to do.

Now.  I eyeballed everything, as I'm wont to do.  But do please measure.  I went with one panel of the container then trimmed up on either sides of the folds about a quarter of an inch or so.  I then folded it up using the existing folds.  Existing folds, handy I tell ya.

Next I snipped along the folds on one end about a quarter of an inch in and folded up the little flaps and the part in the middle to form one squared end.  After trimming the other end to length, I repeated the process and ended up with this below using the duct tape to secure the little flaps on the outside.

Don't forget that whatever is inside will show in your final product.  Seams, pinches, folds, dents....all will be seen so if that's okay with you, cool.  If not, keep a keen analytical eye on everything.

So now here's one of the key missing elements in a bunch of the soap dishes that I did like:  grooves.  As we all know, it's not much fun trying to pry out a blob of previously wet soap from a flat dish, right?  Those grooves are an important design element.

My dilemma was how to create the grooves.  Time to shop around the house again, through my collection of random leftover crazy crafty stuff.

Here's what I found.  Zip ties.  Wood craft sticks.  Wood craft rectangles.  I was looking for my plastic coffee stirrers but couldn't find them.  I didn't throw those out now, did I?  Noooo.  Anyway....

Originally, after laying out the options on the plastic tray, I wanted to go with the smaller rectangles.

But, after trying not to burn myself with the hot glue, and trying not to melt the plastic with the glue, and noticing the wood pieces were bowed, I changed my mind.

Zip ties.  The plus here was that they are plastic so they won't absorb the water from the vinyl concrete patch plus they have an interesting groove pattern all on their own.  I laid a thin thin thin bead of hot glue on the plastic tray so it wouldn't melt and quickly, super quickly, stuck the trimmed zip tie on there.  All of which was hard to do after consuming a sugary caffeinated beverage.

Now, it's not perfect, heh.  If you're a perfectionist like me, try not to let it drive you crazy.  Or accept the fact that it's handmade and imperfect.  Or try harder.  I dunno, take your pick.  :)

Anyway, next up was time to mix the vinyl concrete patch.  Don't forget this stuff is super duper billowy and powdery; wear a dust mask.  I sprayed both forms with the mould release spray as an extra added precaution, though I think it's generally safe to assume these parts will pop right off.  Maybe?  We'll see.

I poured some mix in the bottom and after dropping the base on the counter a few times to even out the pour, I squished the plastic tray on top .  That's when I saw the concrete stuff oozing around the zip ties.  Mild panic.


So it seemed like the plastic tray wasn't staying in very well, or maybe I was panicking, so I weighted it with my can of spray and now it all looks like I've ruined the whole thing.  Stuff oozing over the top, the concrete wasn't even all the way around, getting under and into and onto things, it's a total mess......I dunno.

Neat, an ozone depleting substance.  Never saw that warning before.  Oop's.  Bad green me.
This could be a masterpiece or a big DIY disaster.  Or, a learning experience to be gained from for the next time!  Yeah, let's be positive.

You'll have to come back and find out when it's set and dry.

On another note, I've been collecting and experimenting with that DIY library rug thing here and there.  I picked up a non-slip carpet pad from surprise, Menards.  And using the yarn that my sister in law Yan sent to me, I've been testing out floppy pom-poms.

Using that same phone case packaging, the outer hard case part width-wise and length-wise, I wrapped yarn around a whole bunch 'a times and came up with these.  A project for another day, it is simmering on the burner, so we shall see.

Stay tuned, everybody!


Hiding Things: My Curated Hometalk Clipboard.

Indeed, the super nice people over at Hometalk invited me, little ol' me, to curate a clipboard for them!  How excellent, right?  I am honored.  And I was right flattered, for sure!

I have my friend Janette to thank for giving me the fantastic opportunity to test out and review the Wiremold by Legrand DIY In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit in the first place.

The lovely folks at Hometalk enjoyed my post about hiding cable and television wires so much, they invited me to put together a collection of related topics to share with folks.  My clipboard is entitled "Hiding Things" and can be found by clicking here.  If you click here, you'll find my profile over on their site too.

Have you heard of Hometalk?  It's quite the praiseworthy site.  I like to think of it as Pinterest on steroids.  In a good way, yeah, don't take that wrong.  And by that I mean it's more in depth on home related stuff than surfing the Pinterests, a site I do adore as well.  While sure, you can click through a few times to get to the original content there, over on Hometalk you get the goods right away.

It's a superb place to see what other people are up to in general, do some research, seek out projects similar to what you want to accomplish, or even ask questions of their community.  Some of those in the community are professionals even.  And!  You can share your own projects too!

I mean seriously, just scroll through the topics and you'll see there's, well, everything.  It's a place for not only homeowners; there's great stuff on there that is directed at, useful for, or can be adapted for renters as well.  Everyone!

So yeah, it's a neat site.  And I like it.

They even made me this spiffy graphic!  Aren't they cool?
So right, my clipboard!

There are a few picks directly related to my own blog post about hiding television and cable wires as everyone's situation is different.

What I think is fun about the collection on the clipboard is showing all sorts of DIY ways things can be hidden, disguised, or stored.  Most everything I picked is easy on the budget too since I'm always keeping a keen, steely eagle eye on my own.

Managing the plenteous things we own, organization, storage, and hiding things are always eternal dilemmas not only for interior designers but for everyone in their daily lives.  Many times we cobble together a quick solution for an issue at hand, myself included; I hope by putting together this collection of Hometalk postings, it gives you a jumping off point to think outside the box and think creatively not only about organizing, storing, and hiding things, but also about your home overall.

While some of the things I added aren't necessarily my own personal taste or style, that's okay because within each one is something to learn and adapt to your own taste or style.  For each one, I commented briefly on basically why I chose it but I expect everyone to get something different out of it.

I had a great time putting together the clipboard and I hope there's something in there that's an ah-ha moment for you.

Thanks Hometalk, you're the coolest!

*a small disclaimer:  Hometalk didn't pay me or compensate me in any way other than nice compliments that made me blush.


What to do?: Results, Part 2.

Thinking back, it was a busy holiday weekend, even if I didn't get a whole lot done around the house.  I sure had some grand dreams, didn't I?

On Saturday of that long weekend, I did start putting together a photo album of Hailey thanks to the Ikea Family promo code freebie thing.  I had to stop though as it was just too hard, too much, too overwhelming.  The pain of losing her is so unbelievably immense, more than I can even begin to think about processing, therefore I'm still in shock and denial.

I have so many pictures of my sweet pea (but not enough of course), so many I want to include, ones that remind me of this time or that time or something that slipped my memory or when she...; I got so very sad and heartsick.  Words like "remember" or "was" or anything past tense is like twenty thousand daggers to my soul.  So yeah, had to stop.  I suppose if I miss out on the free photo book, so be it.


I did neglect to mention last time I wrote that I bought myself a super cool big present.  A compound miter saw.  Yep.  I did it.  And I am darn excited about it too.  I have wanted one for...I don't even know how long.

Happy gift to Becky day!  Cannot wait to try it out.

So did I dash home breathlessly and rip open the box like it was Christmas morning?  Well, ummm, nooo, not quite yet, but I promise that will happen.  I'll try to video the moment.  The saw was on sale and Monday was as good a time as any, so bingo, baby got compound miter saw!  I do love me some power tools.

After taking care of the door closers and even though I was super wiped out, I thought and thought and thought.  Well, ya know, that garage is bugging me the most right now, the mess on my side after Mike cleaned up his side.

Mike's much tidier side of the garage.

Ok, if I'm gonna do only one more thing around the house, the garage is it, I thought to myself.

My messy side.  Yeesch.

Mike had moved those cool black chairs that I love so much, the ones he wants to throw out, to right in front of my car.  I bet I know why he did that too -- he was probably hoping I'd get irritated with them being there and want them tossed.  No such luck.

Finally, a photo of those cool black chairs I love so much!

About two weeks prior, I inquired of him, "hey uh, baby, do you think [and here's where his eyes usually glaze over and roll back into his head, those three little words 'do you think'] those black chairs could be stashed up in the rafters of the garage?"  I got a blank stare, a hint of a glare, a long pause and then a "nope."  He said he didn't want them falling on the cars.  Understandable.

But, so, then I picked up some bungee cords after checking out the rafter situation in the garage, heh, because ya know, I can't leave well enough alone.  And now guess where the chairs are.  Securely wedged above and out of the way.  I did forewarn Mike while dining at Superdawg, that when he got home he'd see those chairs up there.  "They're going to fall," he protested, in full on glare mode.  Understandable, he was tired.  "They're really wedged and anchored down, babe, it'll be fine," I responded.

They're still up there.  They won't fall.

Only one chair above on Mike's side because if it falls on his car, this will be my last post ever.

I rediscovered this spiffy piece of wood below which I had picked up from Twitchy's place during one of my final visits.  A cool idea for this is in order, I just don't know what yet.

I don't know what kind of wood it is but it resembles the mahogany pieces I got from him.  Either way, whatever it is, it's just cool.

Anyway, so I tidied up my side of the garage, and ahhhhh, it's sooooo much better.  I'm very anti-visual clutter, so now that the mess is cleared up, pulling into the garage every day is far more pleasant.

Those boxes are brimming with tile I purchased, way pre-planning ahead:  the floor of the main bath, the floor of the master bathroom plus wall tile for the master shower-to-be.  All stuff that needs to happen.  Someday.  Sigh.

But, until that day, I have a nice, tidy, roomy, and orderly parking space.  Yay!  Funny, I caught a second wind after cleaning up the garage though thankfully I knew better than to keep going.  I depleted that second wind picking up the library chair though.

So that's pretty well how I spent my three day weekend.  Not as productive as I was hoping, but a few things got done and that's good enough for me.  Not super exciting, probably not the most thrilling read ever, but it's all part of our house process.

Coming soon, the nice folks at Hometalk invited me to curate a clipboard for the first time ever!  How cool is that?!  Stay tuned for that upcoming blog post!


What to do?: Results, Part 1.

Well, heh.

Remember how a-twitter I was last Friday about having nearly three full days off, trying to figure out the millions of things I could get done around the house during what seemed like a huge amount of free time?  Right.  As I predicted, not as much as ambitiously hoped.  Heh, ah well, so be it.

I ended up not doing anything that I mentioned the other day.  Yeah, I went all rascally off-list again.  But that's ok, these other things needed doing as well.

'Member I mentioned our front door and the oh-so-lovely security door?  That was also an off-list day.  Anyway, so the door closer on the security door seemingly gave out so anytime we opened the door, the thing Slammed shut.  Yes, capital s.  Driving me nutso.  I couldn't take it anymore so I picked up two new door closers as the back door is all slammy too.

So there's the old closer.  Ya know, nothing fancy, a door closer.

Turns out the one I got was pretty well darn near the exact same thing.

The difference being with this new one, there is a plate that secures to the door frame, protecting it from the closer.  Or something.  Somehow.  Or so the package said.  Well, whatever, a plate can't be a bad thing, right?  I do wish they hadn't put the directions on the back of the packaging as no matter how hard I tried not to rip it, I ripped it.

So then I notice there's a little diagram on the side of the new canister part showing how to speed up or slow down the door by tightening or loosening a screw.



Did not know that.  It was then that I wondered, huh, maybe all I needed to do was adjust the darn screw and not get a whole new thingie.  Ah well, if the flipper touched it, it was bound to break anyway.

It didn't take all that long to install, though I did need to drill a new hole in the security door itself as the length of the new closer did not match the old one.  That meant going downstairs and back up several times until I had the correct type and size drill bit.  Heh, nothing's ever easy as pie.  Though making a pie is not easy.  Ahhh, pffft, you know what I mean!  :)

New closer.  Looks amazingly similar to the old closer, doesn't it?
After a few adjustments of the speed screw, it was good to go.  Instead of replacing the back door closer, I got smart, merely adjusting that screw; huh, whaddya know, it was much better.  Palm, forehead.

At that point I was suddenly pooped, just wiped out tired so I opted not to go the overexertion route that I'm so prone to do lest I hurt myself or end up with a cold or something.  Sorta opted, anyway.  That'll be Part 2.  But it was funny when Mike got home yesterday (yes, he worked on Labor Day, sad face), he said, "huh, weird how the door starts working now."

In other news, I did manage to get the chair from the Craigslist guy.  Sometimes buying things off of there is quite the hassle and you meet some difficult people.

He was one of the special ones.  He was impossible to get a hold of, he kept changing the time he was available (2-6, no wait, after 4...no, between 5-6.  No, I mean 5:15.  Did I say 5:15?  I meant 5:30), and then he decided had a real masterpiece on his hands worth gobs of money.  Originally the ad said $30 but on Sunday he raised the price to $40.

I casually mentioned the price increase to him yesterday, asking nicely if I could give him $30 since that's what he listed it for...No!, he said adamantly, all angry-like as if I kicked his cat.  Something blah blah about all this stuff going to some kind of auction, he just saw similar chairs at the Broadway Antique Market for like $350 each, so no, $40.  I'm standing there thinking to myself $350 for a chair like this even in mint mint mint condition is a real stretch of the imagination there buddy, who do you think you're trying to fool?  Losing a smidge of patience I asked, "$35?  Can I give you $35?"  "No," he said, as if I had then spat on his grandmother's grave.  "Not unless you buy something else, like here, this wrought iron chandelier for $85.  No, $40."

I paused, irritated at his attitude.  Fine.  Fine, fine, ok, whatever.  Here's your $40.  "Pretty uncool to raise the price after I inquired about the chair three days ago and you responded but whatever," I wish I had said.  It is still a great deal but never a $350 chair.

I had asked Mike to meet me there in case the chair was up five flights of stairs or super heavy or unruly or in case the guy was a rabid serial killer but as the guy was in a rush it seemed, he loaded the chair into the car for me.  That's when I discovered the bottom of the chair all covered in spider web balls.  Yuuucckkkyyy.

Oh, and the smell as I was driving home.  Mmm.

We left the chair in the garage to hopefully air out a bit.  It was a combo smell, not entirely sure what it is, but musty is big part of it.  I hope this wasn't a raw deal, this chair.  I was thinking about reupholstering it myself though in person the fuzzy fabric is mighty spiffy and only just lightly dirty, but if the stink doesn't go away it may end up at a cleaner of some sort, or maybe a professional's hands, or back on Craigslist.  We'll see.

I did feel bad asking Mike to meet me there as I knew all he wanted to do was just go home and then the deal was done before he arrived so I offered to buy him a swanky dinner at Superdawg right around the corner from Craigslist dude as neither of us have been to this old Chicago institution.  We had no idea it's a drive-in so that was kinda fun.

It was good.  Portillo's is better.  Plus, three words:  Chocolate Cake Shake.

Anyway.  Be sure to come back for Results, Part 2!


What to do? What to do?

It's a holiday weekend, folks.  I have three whole days off, well, almost, and my mind is awhirl with the possibilities of things I can get done around the house.

The other day I looked at my get-done-before-Sirens-starts list which I haven't done in a while and hmph, I just don't know.

This always happens.  I get a block of time and my brain winds up, thinking I have waaayy more time at hand than I really do.  But I do want to get at least something, one thing, done.  I just dunno what....

A walk in the p a r k with my cool woodworking friend Scott is on the possibility list, a long overdue catch up, be a little sad, try to be a little joyous in memories, old friends walk.  Yes, I still spell it out p a r k as I know Hailey's listening somewhere.  Jeez, what I wouldn't do to be able to say "park!" and take her for a walk.  Man.  Ugh.

Ikea Family sent an email with a coupon for a free photo book, so I need to do that before it expires.  That will be a teary, happy/sad, hole in my soul adventure as it will be a photo book of Hailey's life.

Ok.  So.  Um.

Some things on the list aren't realistic, like paint the kitchen cabinets.  Or organize and paint and such in the basement.  At least I'm having the wherewithal to comprehend that.

Finish painting the front door?  Maybe.  Depends on the weather which isn't looking too stellar for the weekend.

I did find a cool chair for the library on Craigslist yesterday but as per usual with Craigslist here in Chicago, the guy is flaking on me and not responding.  It's too bad 'cuz it's very well priced and it has a great form.
Chair from CL guy, his photo.


Work on the basement bathroom?  Ehhhhh....sounds really unappealing.

I'm thinking about working on our bedroom as all I've done in there is paint the walls and hang my most favorite possession up.  Mike and I agreed on a cool headboard idea which is pinned here, though ours will be much smaller.  That would mean buying myself a nice big present:  compound miter saw.  Wait, bills, bills.....Ok, we'll see.  I also had a curtain idea that would be cool but the big ginormous fabric store I'd go to is closed on Saturdays.  That master bedroom is really calling my name though.

Let's see, big master list.....Office shelves?  Maybe.  Paint the main stair?  That requires a ladder, likely a paint sprayer.  And for me to finally pick a color which I can't seem to do.  Fix the screen in the back security door?  Easy, and a possibility.  Dimmer switch for the library light?  Easy too, and a maybe.  A library rug DIY??

Gosh.  I really don't know!  I suppose I could just rest and relax.  Heh.  Right.  Likely I'll keep flipping through my list, wander around the house, see what I can get done.  I will most certainly keep you posted!

In the mean time, must make dinner.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Well.  Then I see this article from the SFGate about the 12 Things Successful People Do Over 3-Day Weekends while couch-surfing and relaxing this evening and now I feel wholly unsuccessful and belittled.  Wow.  Yeah, I have to disagree with their definition of "successful people" if a three day weekend is as regimented and work-like as work.  Heh, I have to say, I'm a little put off.  Ah well.  To each their own, right?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing whatever it is you want to do, enjoy doing and I think that makes it successful.  ;)


Rugs. Thinkin' about a DIY Library Rug.

Yeah so, yeah.  Thinking about making a rug for The Library.  Look, I'm getting all fancy schmancy pants by using capitalization now.

Rugs are expensive things.  And because I'm super picky about everything and I like slightly off-beat things, weird, creative, unusual, unique, one of a kind, outside the box with a hint of edge kind of stuff...that makes it even harder to find a rug.  Or anything else for that matter, really.  (Right, Mike?  Sorry, baby.  You did marry me though.  He even said to me this morning, "you're so odd."  In a loving way of course.  I took it as a compliment.)

Because me, I will literally search through thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of rugs online in one sitting.  Often in more than one sitting honestly, searching for that right one.  And because me too, I have top ten in the world champagne taste on a bottom of the barrel crap beer budget, so if I do find that rare winner, it's usually more than what's in my bank account.

Such is life.  Sigh.

Ah well.  On the bright side, I can make a rug, right?

Sure.  Sounds crazy, but what budget DIY'er is in their right mind anyway?  Well, heh, I probably shouldn't generalize like that.  Likely just me, not in my right mind.  Eh, no wisecracks, folks.

Because everything in the room is so linear, and rectilinear, some soft curves are in order to break things up and create some visual interest.  Curves will also help lead the eye around the room.  But because me, just a circular rug in there won't be enough now.  I need more than one curve; I need several shapes and turns.  Plus some floofy soft texture is needed too to even out those strict straight lines.

I have yet to locate a chair.  I know, it probably seems all kittywampus convoluted, like I'm doing this way out of order by painting the walls first, then making the pallet wood blinds, then adding the shelves and books, then putting up a light fixture, then thinking about a rug, a chair, etc.  But, this is how I work sometimes.  I have it all visualized in my head, and have had the whole room generally visualized in my head in its entirety from the beginning of the library process; I just need to find the correct pieces and parts to match.  Everybody works and designs differently.  Such a rule breaker I am, but then again, I don't think anyone should follow any decorating "rules."  Do what you love, who cares what other people think.  Please.

Oh!  My mom had a fantastic suggestion -- move my grandparents' table into the library.  I'm going to try it, see how it fits.  I have always loved this little Jetsons-esque table and it brings back fun memories.

So I was on Pinterest yesterday, searching DIY rugs and folks had some interesting projects on there.  Lots and lots of projects.  I've been attention/focus incapacitated for the last month (gosh it's so hard to re-read old posts, jeez) so I only cruised over a few hundred or so.

But I liked this idea, and I'm liking the pom pom rug approach too despite the onslaught of pom pom hate out there on some sites.  I thought I could combine the two ideas somehow by getting an underlay such as Ikea has (I know Menards has it too but it's not on their website that I could find easily) and maybe make less full, floppier large pom poms.  Or!  Make less full super jumbo extra large size pom poms.  Huh.  Interesting.  *chin rub*  I do have several things of yarn that my sister in law Yan sent to me that I could use, plus a thingie of yellow that I bought a few months ago because I wanted to make some of these that I didn't get around to.

So it's a thought anyway.  I'll keep thinking as I have this strange feeling that Mike is crinkling up his nose at the idea as he reads this.  He's never in that room, so, heh, it may just happen as an experiment anyway, we'll see.

What would you guys do if you were going to make a DIY rug?  Just buy one at the store instead, heh?  What would be your ideal rug for that one little spot you know needs one?