Progress Report: Pillow, Rug, Mural, Stuff...

Busy week, I tell ya.  Though I suspect this progress report may seemingly reflect otherwise.  Let's see....

I made the pillow for the chair in the library.  Yay!  That was pretty easy.  I clearly have a lot of theater left in me:  I just kinda eyeballed the size and shape of the pillow while folding the fabric on the chair, found a shape and size I liked, didn't measure, no nothin', then zipped off to my spiffy sewing machine.

My parents gave me a Kenmore machine what seems like eons ago and man, this thing is a monster.  It's not one of those uber fancy machines that will cook you dinner or anything, but for one that appears moderately delicate, it is a serious workhorse.  I've run some crazy s**t though it over the years and it just keeps on tickin'.  I love it, such a stellar gift I'm eternally grateful for.

Anywhooo.  So I trimmed up the fabric, not much for measuring or precision here oh at all, or at least I tried to trim it up.  I had to wait.

My helper Finn was very helpful when it came to the pillow.

Ran three sides through my handy machine, turned it inside out, stuffed it but not too stuffy, and hand stitched it shut using the best thing I learned in junior high:  the hidden stitch.  Here's a tutorial I found on a quick search.

Once it was done I thought, hm, it needs a button in the middle, both sides.  Sadly I only had a single 1" make-your-own-button kit button so back to the store.  Not a big deal really as I had gone through a whole thingie of yarn for the rug and had a panic moment of uh oh, did I get enough yarn?!?

Have you ever used those button kits?  They're neat.

So I picked up a new button kit* at Joann Fabrics; man, overall those have gotten pricey.  Thought I had grabbed the 1.5" button kit on sale for two bucks but when I got home, apparently I hadn't.  Ah well.  So it is.

After struuugggggling to get the fabric around the top and get the backing on, I thought heeyyy, maybe I should read the directions?  Yeah.  World of difference.  Duh.  Put the fabric on the top part, mush it into the weird rubber ring thing,

and bam, duh.

Button!  Yay!  Darn simple.

Usually when I put buttons on pillows, I tend to do it the challenging way of course, trying to thread through, buttons on both ends then tighten the pillow all at the same time.  I make it way infinitely harder on myself and it never works out.  This time I pre-tightened the pillow with a few stitches and knots,

then attached the buttons.  Again, world of difference.  Heh.

Pillow done!  Cute, yeah?  I had wanted it more rectangular but hey, square works too.

Cute on the chair.  Happy Becky.

And as you can see here below, the progress on the DIY rug.  Yeah, that's one whole whatever it's called thing of yarn, 480 some odd yards.  Must....keep.....going.......

Please excuse the dusty table top.  Ahem, embarrassed.
I'm of course going to mess about and play with where the poms with the two yarn colors are going to go.  If anywhere.  Mixed throughout?  Along the edge only?  How about in the middle only?  Or?  Or?  Or??  My crazy head, sheesh.

By the way.  Lesson learned the hard way again.  That excellent photo wall mural?  So, don't let the wallpaper paste goo totally completely dry if you've got overruns onto other walls etc. to trim.

'Cuz here's what a-happens.  Sigh.  Ah well.  I'll scrape it when I go to paint the room.  I've got a couple edges where the mural isn't completely stuck on so touch-up's ahead regardless.

Yeah, hm.  That doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot for a progress report now does it?  Kinda boring for you really.  My apologies.

But it's been a busy week.  We started up with a trainer for Finn, had our second visit the other day.  We've got some resource guarding going on now (I'm the resource) and he's still nippy with Mike.  Training is work for sure, but it's good and important and, yes important.  He's a good boy though, super super sweet.  He likes to sleep curled around Mike's head at night, it's so cute.  No judging dog on bed thing -- it makes him feel safe which is very meaningful to an anxious dog who's been through hell.

Next week is The Week of Becky.  Birthday week.  Oy, ugh.  It's one a' those milestone-y types too, ya know.  If a couple were having an anniversary of this particular number of which we will not speak, yeah, it'd be a big shindig with all the relatives coming to town, rent the party hall, balloons, fancy silverware, hors d'oeuvres....As the numbers get larger, it gets harder on my brain as I don't feel this age, like a grown up.

Plus, and I'm trying very very hard not to do this, reliving the awfulness each step of the way, but this is about the time last year when Hailey started limping.  Just before we got the bone cancer diagnosis.  Man, I cannot believe it's been almost a year already.  Sigh.

Hailey's half birthday is my birthday.  And back many years ago, she nearly died the day after my birthday which led to her Addison's Disease diagnosis.  Week of Becky is bittersweet, or confusing, or, I can't find the right word.

My super cool wise friend Rondi posted this great thing about grief recently.  Really excellent read, even for folks who may not be experiencing grief themselves.  Highly recommend it.  I cried.

But!  On happier notes.  Our good friend Jonathan will be in town all week which is fun.  And Jupiter Ascending finally opens on the 6th!  Watch for my name in the Chicago unit credits! And of course Sirens is now running on USA Network on Tuesday nights.  We'll see my folks for dinner and Mike is planning a nice out-to-dinner celebration too.

Fun will be had next week.  Fair warning, nothing will get done on the house I'm sure so I'll be missing you.  :(

The week after though, back into the swing of things for sure!  I feel anxious (in a good way) and fired up to get some larger projects in motion.  I recently read this about taking big risks with decorating choices which is something I unequivocally believe in.  See if it empowers you like it reinvigorated me.

Happy happy, all.  Mwah, thanks, and I'll see you soon!

*And mwah, thanks, the Joann Fabrics button kit is an affiliate link.


Kapow! It's a Photo Wall Mural!

No s**t, you snuck a photo wall mural in on us without even the slightest hint dropped?, you're saying right about now.  You little somethin' somethin', you!

Yeah.  I did.  *Grin.*  There was one super vague hint, when I was fighting with the light fixture in the hall bedroom, but no, I know, no mention of hanging a photo wall mural of all things.

Sneaky.  Gotta keep you on your toes!  ;)

Ever since I worked on the Office Project, wallpaper or wall mural or wall sticky has been glued on my mind (see the office coolness here and here).  Ok, lie.  Before that easily, but the Office Project bubbled it back up to the surface.  I tried to quell it in my own office, with the DIY removable wallpaper, but ya know, that only tickled the itch.

So now, our hall guest bedroom has a photo wall mural.  How spiffy-a-do is that?!  Spiffy, I tell you.

I poked around online here and there off and on, discovering that wall murals ain't exactly cheap, much to my dismay.  Then one day, perusing the Menards website into depths unseen before, I found a whole wall mural section.  And dang it if they weren't just crazy affordable.

I got this one.  A twelve foot six inch by nine foot photo wall mural for $105.  That's right, $105.  That's it!  It goes on sale for $75 often if you wait (it went on sale two and half weeks after I bought it having online stalked it for a while -- grrrrr!!!).

Here's the before....

It's rather difficult to take photos in this room due to its minimal size and daylight gathering ability, so hang tight with me.  If you see our house plans here, you'll get a general sense of it's uh, quaint footprint.  12'-3" x almost 8'-0"-ish.

A couple days ahead of time, I unfurled the sheets and laid them on the floor opposite of the curl, giving them a chance to relax.  Eh, didn't help much but the premise was sound.

Now, don't forget, I've never done this before.  But what the heck, what could be so hard?

Love my wee laser measure tool, mmm hm.
Math.  Math was.  No, ok, not really but I did have plenty of math to do.  Thankfully I have a swanky app that does feet and inches math down to the 64th.  Neat, right?

Knowing the wall is taller than the mural and there are eight panels total, I found room/wall center, marked it, then with a pencil and using my handy dandy bubble level drew all the way across and all the way up and down.

Wow, faboo photo, huh?
Level and straight here is key.  Which is why I centered the mural rather than chase an impossible dream of a level and straight anything in this house.

On a whim, I removed the outlet and switch covers and taped over the electrical parts so wet goo wouldn't smoosh in there and fry it all out.  Water + electricity, bad.

Kindly, they map the layout on the back of each panel.  So as to not confuse myself, as I wasn't sure if they meant the layout when you're looking at the wall or the back of the sheets or reversed or what, I set about to figure it out.

I flipped over panel five and six, lined them up, compared it to the layout map, then ahhh, smartly wrote the numbers on the wall in case I got distracted or had to step away.

Another quality photo!  Sorry!  As you can see near the 7, I had already gotten confused.
So then I reread the included directions.  Not terribly wordy nor complex, but important reading nonetheless.  A wave of nervousness blew through.  I took a deep breath, hiked up my britches, and mixed the paste goo.

It said to mix all of it but I'm glad I didn't.  Not all of it was needed plus now I have half the package remaining in case something goes awry.  Or for another one.....no no no wait, this one, we're talking about this one!

My furry helper friend Finn was intrigued by the water and paste and kept swinging through to lend his expertise, nose, and outreached tongue to taste.  He wouldn't work that foam roller for me though.

The directions said smoosh on some goo but no real direction in quantity was proffered, other than saying don't soak it or let it soak too long.  So I had to guess.  It was a delicate balance between too gooey and too dry, that's for sure.

But up went panel number six.  Why, why, why I picked one of the more difficult ones first is beyond me, but ah well, so it was.  I guess I thought if I went with harder ones first, I'd coast through the easy ones when energy was waning.  Shoulda gone with an easy two to start, get my bearings.

After carefully smoothing and smoothing and smoothing and mini slices around the outlet and switch and smoothing and smoothing and smoothing with a four inch plastic putty knife, oh and smoothing, it was up.  Yes, I did a little butt wiggle dance.  Duh, of course!

I went up from there.  Harder, ya know, precariously balanced on a ladder, flopping gooey panel drooping and folding and sliding and falling on my head, but I got it.  Smooth smooth smooth.  Whew.

Lookin' sharp, I thought to myself!  No time to rest nor admire, no idea how long that goo stays gooey.

Onward I went to the right one column then returned to over the door.  


Not easy, not gonna lie.  I had to line up with the existing panel, jam it into the corner, trim across above the door carefully rip rip tear tear, then down along the narrow side of the door/corner.  While on a ladder.  Yeowch.  Almost gave up, not gonna lie.

But I got it.  Rawr, determination!  Wrapped up the last two to the right, then filled in the small area on the narrow side of the door.

Stood back.  Took a big deep breath.  Wall mural!  Woo hoo!  Yeah baby!

I made the mistake of thinking the goo would be dry and started to trim with an Xacto knife and a straight edge only to find, nope, no way no how dry.  So I tidied up and left for a bit.

Glad I came back up to take a re-gander as I discovered some peeling corners.  I had to do some slicing releases on the overhanging strip as the paste had dried the curl into the extras and the paper was no longer as pliable.  Thank all goodness I didn't clean up the leftover paste!

After some minor surgery in three or four places, I got everything back to where it needed to be.  By the way and FYI, do not put blue painters tape directly onto any area of the mural that you are keeping.  It sticks far too well, if you catch my drift.  Mmm hm, yep, this is how we learn.

I opted to let it dry throughly before attempting any more trimming again as I was doing a good amount of damage.  I'll do the final clean up trims today, keeping my fingers crossed.

In the end, it's not perfect.  There are some rips in a few spots but they're sorta camouflaged thanks to the mural pattern itself.

But for never having done this before, I think I did all right.

There are two rips here.  Probably too wet with goo, the paper was.
The goal here, ultimately, with this photo wall mural was to enlarge the room visually.  And when I stepped back, it definitely did as I intended.  Plus it's gosh darn cool.  The ceiling feels higher, the room feels larger, ahhhhhh.  Always nice when intentions work out, right?!

Too bad the photos can't relay that to you though!  It makes a surprising difference, I was astonished.

And with the light fixture?  Yep, it all came together the way I was envisioning as well.

Mike's reaction?  "Oh!"  He looked it over, looked it over, didn't say anything, didn't say anything.

He gave a slight smirk but I don't know if it was a "I like it but I'll never ever admit it" smirk, a "I'm shopping for a straitjacket and padded room for you" smirk, or a "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" smirk.  All I got was a "it does make the room look bigger."  That's ok.  I still love him.

Next up will be deciding on how to address above and below the mural and what color to repaint the room.  Since the current color was different than the color I actually chose, it's been a tad low on the likability scale for me.

Freakily, I'm actually almost thinking white.  I never paint white.  Yes, I'm checking to see if I have a fever.

Keep ya posted!


Hey hey, it's Variety Pack Day again!

Some days are just yahhh scatter brain, ya know?  Some days it feels like I can't get any one single task done, or, some days I don't feel like I've done enough to justify sitting down for a short string of moments.  So it is, right?

Scene:  this past ThursdayFridaySaturday.

Yeah it feels like it was all one continuous uninterrupted day for some reason.

To start, I went upstairs to rethink the yarn situation for the DIY rug I'm working on for the library.  Based on my last adventures, I decided to see what the pom poms would look like with a combination of the two yarns.

While I kinda liked it, ehhh, it just, when I stepped back and took it all in, it, ehhhh, juuust, mmm, nope.  I do like the two yarns together and think out of all the options I was fiddling with, it was the best of the bunch, but ultimately, it was the soft white color.  Bzzzt, nope.

I know, it's hard to see the second color in there but it's there! 
So I ran over to Joann Fabrics, soft white and receipt in tow.  My first stop in the store, as it usually is, was the remnants section for small pillow fabric for the chair.  It was a tad sparse that day, the selection, but I came across this one.  Good budget decorating tip?  Always always check the remnants section.

$6.  Joann's remnants eternally seem to be 50% off.  Yay!
As you can see, it came home with me.  Yes, 70's-ish.  Heh.  :)  (Sorry babe!)

Next was the yarn.  What a struggle, heh, trying to pick a new color.  Solo, I just could not pin down something to go with the chair.  With remnant in hand, it was easier.  Sorta.  I chose heather gray* this time.

Got home and was all hmmmph when I dropped the gray on the floor.  So I tossed the fabric on the chair.  Ah ha.  No flowery fabric, the gray looks incompatible.

I made a pile of smaller poms and tossed in a few strands of that aran fleck color.  Stepped back.  Head tilts.  Ok, this direction is better but I couldn't justify sitting there making pom poms all day so off I went.

Next up.  Hailey's paw print.

This was hard.

The day we went to pick up her ashes, a nurse came dashing out of the back and gingerly handed us a clay impression of the stinky one's paw that she had made for us.  She said she had tried to catch up with us on that miserable day and give it to us then but missed us and she wanted to make certain she got it to us.

Aw jeez louise.  I don't know how I stayed standing.  Maybe the column of tears were propping me upright, I have no idea.  I was leaning on Mike, that was it.

A couple weeks ago I picked up an 8x8 shadow box frame* for it.  And the other day, something got a hold of me and I had to frame her sweet little imprint.  Not an easy task.  I mean, the task itself is, but in the grand over-arcing scheme of things, it was not.

Rifling through my box o' fabrics, I chose one that was on our former outdoor cushions.  She loved being outside, hanging with us outside for hours on end in the summer.  So I felt it apropos.

I ironed the fabric all nice and smooth.  Spray mounted it to the frame backing.  A dab of Locktite* adhesive.  Let it set.  Cry.

Today I hung it with the paw print from when she was a five month old puppy.  Weep.  Sigh.  My heart aches looking at it.  Hopefully I won't have to temporarily take it down.

When I get unsettled, I clean and/or organize.  Can't explain that.  Happens every. single. time.  Even the slightest wisp of upset and I'm wiping down counters, putting things away.  So after framing the paw then wandering aimlessly in circles, I hit the basement to work it out.

I made some progress despite it appearing worse now.  Although, look, a whole empty shelving unit.  Hm, ok, that is progress.  Then I got bored with all this.

So that happened.


Not.  I yanked off some chair rail.  And despite that line of yucky paint, the basement already feels less squat.  The chair rail, a waste of wood here, served to visually cut the low height of the basement in half.  Plus, it's unattractive.  So.  It has to go.

After prying off that section of chair rail, I felt a smidge better.  So I went upstairs and installed the new towel bar and toilet paper holder in the master bathroom.  A happy fun activity, or rather, the resultant end promised such.

Such a collection of oddly incongruous projects and thought processes, right?  Heh, I know.  Scatter brain, remember?

We're getting some water spotting on the concrete countertop now, by the way.

Down here at the bottom of the photo, right above this text on the leftish.
I will be rereading the label on that sealer I picked up, maybe returning it.  When I wipe with a rag and water, the spots light up like fireworks.  Pew, pew, water spots here!  And the sealer didn't entirely stop a coffee ring either.

I know, I said I was going all in concrete-y.  I'll continue to see how that progresses.  Heh.

Right, the hardware.  Picked a grouping up on eBay.*  A bit of a splurge again, but it was the nicest-bestest-designed-goes-with-the-faucet stuff I found.  Our ugly contractor grade crapola has looooong outlived its welcome.

I lined the towel bar up to the outside edge of the mirror and counter.  Not a hard install really.  A couple a' holes in the wall, anchors, screw on that insert, tighten the set screw and voila.  Towel bar!

Toilet paper holder?  Yeah, that will require some post installation attention.

Too, on top of all of that, Mike had an awful day on Thursday.  I felt so bad for him, so I squeaked in a dessert to try and help him feel better.  It's a recipe my mom gave me eons ago, Hot Fudge Pudding Cake; there are oodles of versions out there but here's one close.  I use Blommer cocoa powder because it's awesome and their factory store is close by and when they're roaring on production, the city smells like deep dark chocolate brownies.  mmmmmmm

So yeah.  Variety Pack Day(s).

Well, ok, off to see what today holds!  Hope you had a great weekend!

And Do Not Forget:  Sirens season two premieres tomorrow night!  USA Network!  Tune in!  DVR!

*The yarn and frame are a Joann Fabrics affiliate links.  Locktite adhesive is an Amazon affiliate link.  The bathroom hardware, eBay affiliate.  Mwah, thanks!


No Love for our Rain Barrel.

It's true.  This thing is causing more problems than it's worth and I ain't got no love for it no more.

If you remember last summer, this whole scenario has been a headache from the get-go.

Ok, wait, to recap further back, we installed a free water meter from the city through MeterSave.org which has been fab-u-lous at saving us ridiculous sums of cash.  Like no joke, 75-80%.  As part of the program, as a supposed incentive, they give you free stuff and the rain barrel was one of those options.

Free seems never free, and free doesn't always equate to good.  Or at least in this situation, free bad, heh.

Right, so fast forward to the other day.  I took tfa Finn out back to our ice rink for a potty break when I happened to catch a glimpse of the hodgepodge rain barrel set up.  Oh but yeah, our entire back yard is just a sheet of ice which makes us all sad faced, especially Finn as he can't do his multiple times daily zoomies out there.

As I mentioned last summer, I did not attach the diverter gizmo to the house because I was unsure the concept was going to work in reality.  And honestly?  It doesn't.  The two hoses to the barrel still fill the barrel in one rain so I have to leave the bottom spigot open connected to a yet another hose so it drains out and away.

It's a tough situation all around -- with our flat roof we have one gutter in the back and one single down spout so all the water comes here.

Our one gutter and one down spout connection.
Originally, and what is supposed to happen here, is that the down spout feeds into a clay pipe in the ground which technically is supposed to go into a tank that every building in the city has but we have no access to it as the house extension is built over it, and the water then directs out to the city sewer lines.

But because we had such an irresponsible loser of a flipper, they didn't do the necessary repairs to keep that system functioning properly.  They just covered it all up, didn't fix it and moved along.  So now, if the down spout is connected to that clay pipe, we get water in the basement.  Which is why I think they left the spout disconnected during the sale/contract process.  They knew.

We didn't realize.  Our inspector didn't suspect nor inspect.  *Insert choice words here.*

The one down spout leading to the disaster rain barrel set up.
Well anyway...looping back around.

So what's going on here?  Ice has formed and filled in every part of the path.  The ten foot hose to the yard, the white hoses going to it, a solid block of ice inside the diverter and then, a-yup, a solid column of ice all the way up the downspout.

Since the weather has been warmer, it's melting and I end up with this -- the column of ice in the downspout has pushed the diverter off.  But it's still glued together by the ice.



It's frustrating.  As you can tell.

For us, it's multiple issues here:  the gutter, the down spout, the in-ground tank/basement, the drainage issue in the yard, and I'm sure there's gotta be more I'm temporarily or purposefully blocking out of my brain.

It's frustrating when you're trying to do the right green thing but be budget-mindful.

Trying to clean up someone else's lack of diligence and calculated choices of not doing the right thing.


Anyway, so I trundled back indoors for the hammer.  Yes, I know.  All the spectacular inadvertent situations I could create with a hammer because that I am really good at, but I wanted to get the diverter back "on" in case it rained.

It worked.  I was careful.  I did crack the diverter in a few spots but not critical ones nor badly.  Got a portion of ice out of the gizmo and enough off of the spout to wedge everything back to-tenuous-gether.

A few hours later, I'm inside doing some work when Finn and I hear this crashing sound.  He jumped.  I didn't think too much of it.  Later we went back out and the entire column of ice within the spout had dislodged and my set up was crying in a heap.

Sigh.  Hammer time again.

I broke apart the column of ice and tossed it aside, much to Finn's glee.  "Oh, what's this?  Giant logs of icy play things?!  Thanks Mommy!"

After some more cramming, sighing, twisting, crunching, munching, and banging, the set up is back to MacGruber wedged.  Not even MacGuyvered, MacGrubered.

In the end?  When spring has sprung its ever-so-lovely self, I'll be purchasing a shorter 3x4 piece of down spout to replace what I cut off.  I'll connect that, then to the ten foot hose and kick the rain barrel to the curb.  Enough is enough.  I'm still deciding if I'm going to save the dumb thing for our possible future deck off the garage or not.

Clearly we have quite a task ahead of us in the yard between all these pieces and parts.  We'll have to devise a plan to achieve success.  (Yeah, we.  Sorry babe.  Love you!)

Alas, no love for the rain barrel.  I tried.

But I am excited....I've amassed almost enough rebates to go buy a ladder which I am off to do here in a few.  Yeah baby!


Today's Lesson: Have a Plan. Aka, a DIY Rug Beginning

Work is keeping me from you all!  No, please, I'm happy to be getting some freelance work but it does cut to the front of the line.  Thankful for the work I am, though.  Work keeps the house projects funded!  Oh right, and food and utilities and ya know, other stuff, pffft.  But house first.  (heh)  Priorities man, gotta have 'em.

After finishing up the master bathroom vanity I thought wow, ok, what am I going to work on next?  Whoooie!  I got worried about my list -- am I going to rip through it too fast?  One minute the list feels short, the next it feels never-ending.  Not in a bad never-ending way of course.

It's tough, deciding what's on the docket next.  I opted for the library rug.

If you last remember, I got the chair from an aggravating Craigslist guy, moved my favorite table from my grandparents into the library and decided the room needed a rug.  And a colorful patterned pillow on the chair, I determined today.  I'm so all decorate-y in this room, it's weird.

But anyway, a rug.  Rugs, as we all know, can be expensive.  And not always the right size.  Or the right shape.  Or the right colors, material, texture, price!, you name it.  So why not, for a room that's less often used, make my own gosh darn it.  It'll be fun, c'mon!

I perused lots and lots and lots of DIY rugs out there in the interweb ether.  Of course.  Because I'm a nutball researcher.  The internet is good for that, finding concepts to get the creative juices going, sweet nuggets to start with then morph into my own.  I highly recommend it.

After poking around online, probably for far too long, I culled the imagery down to this rug and pom pom rugs.  Yeah I know, heaps of dislike out there for the pom pom rugs and I can see why but I think they're pretty nifty.  Because I'm weird, let's break rules, and hey, pom poms inspire smiley happy.

I kinda sorta tried to relate my floppy shaggy pom pom rug idea to Mike and he did one of those slight head shake things then asked if there were any outlets in the room (there are not).  Befuddled by that odd correlation I asked why.  Without saying so, he hinted that the room is leaning pretty 70's groovy; he said we'll need a hifi set up in there.  Heh, that guy!  (xo, babe!)

Right, the rug.  To start, I skipped over to my favorite store and picked up a 5'x8' rug pad, ya know, the kind that's spongy lumpy with holes in it.  The one I got still isn't popping up on Menards' site but it's something along the lines of this one.*

Next up, the hard part.  The yarn.  Oh the choices.  Oh the colors.  Oh the options.  Smelling salts, please.

After a few purchases and returns over at Joann Fabrics, I went with this one in off-white* and then also the same Red Heart brand in Aran Fleck (which seems to be no longer available, ack!!) because I thought it was cool.  No plan in place.  Not even sure if I have enough.

Months pass and now I'm finally starting.

Right, so here's where we left off last time.

And here's my partial stash 'o goodies.

Those floppy pom poms are the sample ones I made a few months back just to see.

Ok!  So because I have no plan of attack here I started by laying out the rug pad.

Now you really get an idea of how narrow this particular room is as the pad width there is the five foot direction.  Yup.  Narrow.  Why the flipper didn't just make the whole back area one large room but instead made two is quite confounding indeed.  (See our house plans here, by the way, and join in the head scratching.)

I stood back, did the head tilty thing, hemmed, hawed.  I kinda already knew I wanted a swoopy sort of midcentury bean shape so I grabbed my Sharpie and did some sketching.

Well, all right.  So my very large trusty furry assistant Finn (tfaF) had other ideas and thought he'd be of great butt help here.  Once he got bored and peeled off, I got some sketchy lines down.

All I could hear ringing in my head was "measure twice, cut once."  But, since I wasn't using the whole rug pad, there is plenty left over should I change my mind.

Which, in all honesty...Indecision Galore on this project, as you'll see ahead.

With the rug pad trimmed, it was time to turn to the yarn.

I'll round off those back corners once I get the pad out from under the furniture.
Sometimes, ya know how you feel like you have soooo many options, too many almost, and you feel a smidge lost at sea?   Ah, the trials of a crafty designer.  Yeah..................(Ready?)

How much yarn per pom?  Which colors?  What sizes should I go with?  Should I do mostly one color with spots of the other? Should I mix the two yarns together in one pom (oh crap, just thought of that one as I'm sitting here)?  Did I pick the right colors?  Should I use all one size?  The larger pom or the smaller?  Should I mix the two sizes and if so, how?  Should I vary the yarn quantities per pom?  Oy dear me.

Part of it is I don't want to waste the yarn and have to get more, if I can help it.  That probably isn't helping as I'm limiting the experimentation process with that attitude.  Maybe, ultimately, I'm not feelin' the off-white I chose?

I'm digging the oatmealy yarn but it's too devoid of color for this gig.  It looks dirty against the chair if I were to do the whole rug with it.  Not sure why I'm so indecisive here; I'm frustrating myself.

I made a bunch of larger poms in the off-white color, then a small one in the oatmeal color, then a few large ones of the oatmeal color.  Then a few off-white large poms with less yarn as they seemed too floofy when grouped en masse.

My findings?  Plenty of texture.  Yay, +1.  Not enough color?  Pattern?  I don't want to go too haywire as the books offer plenty of color and pattern.  For such a wee sized room, I don't want the rug competing heavily for visual focus.  It's purpose is to help the eye move around the room, not suck your eyes out.

Then it got too dark outside to take pictures inside and I was way awash with questions and options, too directionless, drowning in choices, so I thought it best to back away slowly before my head popped off. 

So, Lesson of the Day?  Have a plan.

I'll get back at it, hopefully today.  My brain is already a-swirl with options to try.  After I get some headache medicine.....

What would you do?  Besides just go out and buy a rug.  ;)

*The non-slip rug pad is an Amazon affiliate link.  The yarn is a Joann Fabrics affiliate links too.  Mwah, thanks!