About Becky

On this spiffy and oddball blog you'll find loads of DIY, home decor and interior design stuff, me telling you to paint, hopefully some inspiration and motivation, smart and/or stupid moves I make, snippets of life, chat about four legged best friends, a smattering of recipes, and ya know, just general homeowner joys and frustrations.

So who the heck is Becky?

A creative kid all my life, I grew up in the 'burbs of Chicago.  After graduating from Ithaca College, I embarked on an 19+ year career in professional theater in Chicago, working storefronts all the way up to the big time mostly as a prop master but also as a scenic designer.  Do not do the math.

Along the way, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with an MFA in Interior Architecture, then drafted for several architects and designed a few things (which I still do).

In 2013 I fell into the TV/Film world as a set designer first for Chicago Fire, next for the film Jupiter Ascending, then the TV show Sirens, then picked up shows here and there such as most recently The Exorcist for Fox Studios.

My sweetheart husband Mike and I bought a flipped house in June 2013 where we live with our German Shepherd, Hailey (but now with Finn).

This is the story of undoing everything the flipper did.


This blog is dedicated to Hailey in her memory and in her honor, and without whom we would not have this house.  We got it for her.  It is hard to call it "home" without her.